Why Qwik-Lok?

There are over 1,000,000 USA reported industrial and home incidents of accidents, shocks and electrocutions each year dealing with electricity (which includes extn’ cords.)
What about the unreported ones?
What do you want?
So, let’s cut to the chase - what’s up?

There are billions of extension cords world wide. They WILL fail sooner rather than later. During a typical year, home electrical problems account for over 26,000 fires and $1 billion in property losses. About half of all residential electrical fires involve electrical wiring and extension cords.

Like it or not, today’s connectors although safe to some degree, nevertheless still have issues and potential dangers. 1,000,000 reported incidents is more like 10M in the real world. CSA and UL standards are setup to insure that WHEN the connectors and plugs fail, they will fail safely - not preventing them from failing. With use, plugs and connectors are subject to abuse and rough handling, rain, snow, damage, overloads, corrosion, poor plug connections etc. thus setting up for failure - hence the high number of problems - it is almost inevitable.

The Qwik-Lok is different. Much different. It’s time to make an informed and intelligent decision. The Qwik-Lok or the other scary stuff? You choose!

Here is why other products ARE inferior and most likely will lead to aggravations - not IF, but WHEN.

You have been there many times - that friggen plug-in comes unplugged!! or it arcs, it sparks, it doesn’t work and it is a pain in the ass! When they do fail, it can also be dangerous - fires, shocks, even death. Don’t want to sound alarmist, but facts show serious issues - time to dig into it seriously and prevent it.

In attempting to solve the un-plugging headaches, other manufactures have jumped on the Qwik-Lok Locking connector bandwagon that we started in 1998 with our original design and objectives. We designed the Qwik-Lok to be the best in the world and overcome virtually every problem and set a new standard.

In the initial process, 12-15 designs were created. Only 1 made the cut - the current Qwik-lok. The rest were discarded. They should have been patented because the other manufacturers have made them or variations of the ones we tossed out as unworthy, unsafe, un-reliable and short lived. In fact all attempts except one on the following pages were an original design we came up with and threw out as un-satisfactory and for reasons listed in the next pages. It is no wonder their inferior designs fail to make standards of quality, performance, excellence or customer satisfaction.

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